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In an attempt to get organized....... "ahh - Dream on young lad..." - we've decided to hook all of the Frozen type stuff into a 'Zine of it's own.

2002 Shelleybrooke

After partying up with GREEN DAY AT WINTER X GAMES VI ..
Kate Gengo returned East for The Twentieth Annual U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships in Stratton, Vermont...


2002 Shelleybrooke



there, I said it.  Snowboarding has to be one of the most exciting sports I participate in."  Kate Gengo

Kate's in from some rough weather ...
with awesome interviews:
Lindsey Jacobellis, Monique Hyman and Luke Matrani, the new 11 year old ?!8&^%!?!@#$%^& team rider for Burton and Oakley !!!!..
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And ICE CLIMBING from Crested Butte Colorado!
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